The Thor Diesel Club has nine geographical regions.  These regions are established to bring TDC activities to all those that want to have additional TDC functions closer to their location.  By establishing these regions, members will find it much easier to schedule and attend functions in their geographical areas and feel more connected to the Thor Diesel Club.

Each region has a Regional Director that is available to assist setting up rallies or regional get together for those members to meet and share experiences with other TDC members.

The following are a list of the TDC Regional Directors:

Eastern Division Vice President – Joe Kuebler –

Eastern – Jay & Nancy Jarossy –

N. East – OPEN and available

S. East – Joe & Sharon Kuebler –

GLakes – Pete & Diane Stojanovich –

Western Division Vice President – Rick Mitchell –

N. West – OPEN and Available

Rocky Mt. – Ken & Gisela Koplin  –

S. Central – Chuck Davis –

Midwest – OPEN and available 

Western – Greg & Judi

Click here for a list of areas within each Region


Regional Map