About Us

We are the Thor Diesel Club



The Thor Diesel Club was formed in October of 2010. After working with the manufacturer, Thor Motor Coach, our first International Rally was held at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds. The first Board was voted in for a two-year term and an application was sent to the FMCA and was accepted as a full International Chapter. Today we are thriving. Our membership is growing as well as attendance at our Rallies and we look forward to supporting our membership, our community, Thor Motor Coach and the FMCA.

Our official email address is: thordieselclub@gmail.com

President – Mike Jones

Past President – Fred Barina

Senior Vice President – Pete Stojanovich

Eastern Division Vice President – Joe Kuebler

Western Division Vice President – Barry Rubin

Secretary – Sue Jones

Treasurer – Vicky Ames

FMCA National Director – Charles Barker

FMCA Alternate National Director –  Chuck Davis

Member-at-Large (Audit Committee) – Gary Smith

Member-at-Large (Communications) – Chris Lind

Audit Committee –  Karen Laird, Brian Minkin

Historian – Barbara Troendle

Newsletter Editor – Jeannette Baum-Yim & Gary Gorski 

Chaplain – Kevin Rudicil

Membership Chairperson – Gary Ferrell

Parliamentarian – Win Oppel

Facebook Editor – Kathy Basnight

Web Master – Fred Barina

Nominating Committee:

Mike Jones – Chair

Sue Jones

Don Kingfield


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